“Get more clients with Direct Response Podcasting®

Your email list can be more valuable than your house. Every new subscriber is a chance to sell yourself. And it costs nothing. This is as close as you’ll get to an infinite money glitch!
But only if you can convert your list into customers.… READ MORE

Scaling your coaching or consulting business to 6- or 7-figures may feel impossible. After all, look at the mess you have to think about:
Prospecting, sales calls, your offer, paid advertising, your brand image, social media… and let’s not forget client work!… READ MORE

Most aspiring entrepreneurs stagger home too tired to work on their aspiring business ideas.
So most never get around to making their passion-project a reality…
Before they know it, the dream dies and regret sets in.… READ MORE

Have you ever tried to get a client inside a Facebook group? It’s tough, right?
The second you start your sales pitch, your prospects ghost you. Or worse, they string you along and waste your precious time.… READ MORE

Look around at 7-figure coaches and consultants and you’ll see they’ve got one thing in common: a valuable skill.
You’ve got valuable skills too. But why are they sipping cocktails in Cancun while you’re working your butt off without the dollars to show for it?… READ MORE

As entrepreneurs, we love leverage. It lets us make wads of cash while we sleep or party on the beach. Pretty cool, right?
It’s why so many of us love online courses. You build the course once, and it becomes your personal ATM that prints money whether you work, play or sleep.… READ MORE

You’re coaching 1-to-1, seeing some success and you’d love to scale.
The only problem is, any time you try to take on more clients… you get buried in overwhelm. There’s a long waiting list of clients who want to give you cash, but you can’t bear the thought of taking them on.… READ MORE

Many people buy books online from people they respect. But only a small percentage of those people actually consume what they bought. And the rest fall by the wayside.
So how do you avoid information overload?READ MORE

Let’s face it: salespeople talk too much.
They try to passionately describe the benefits, flaunt their knowledge, and … push, push, push.
It makes sense. When you’re trying to sell something you instinctively think you need to talk a lot.READ MORE

Everybody has deep-rooted fears that can sabotage their dreams.
But you know what?
You don’t have to let your fears stop you. In fact, you can even use your fears as fuel to accomplish everything you want—in spite of them.… READ MORE

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