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Tye Alroe believes that building a Dream Home is a culmination of years  of visualizing, idea sharing, & hard work…it’s something very special & he treats it that way. We think he believes the same about building a dream business.READ MORE

Guest Jeffrey Feldberg discusses how to increase the value of your business by preparing it for a liquidity event.
Show highlights include:

The shocking reason why up to 90% of liquidity events fail (3:17) 
Why you’re leaving 50-100% of the value in your company on the table when you sell it (and how to get paid your company’s true value) (4:09) 
The “Paying It Forward” mindset you must embody today if you want to sell your business for 9 figures someday (5:45) 
The insidious way entrepreneurs get taken advantage of during liquidy events (7:31) 
Why less than 1% of of custom home builders and remodelers successfully sell their business (and how to be one of the few who does) (13:18) 
How the 2020 ciris created the perfect storm to sell your business for a fat chunk of change (18:01) 
Why selling your business like a realtor sells your home helps you get top dollar for it (23:54) 
The “9-Step Roadmap” for growth and liquidity which helps your business bring in boatloads of cash without your involvement (25:20) 
The single most important “X Factor” which multiplies the total value of your company (25:49) 
Why preparing to sell your business even if you never want to sell makes you more profitable and have more fun (40:55) 

If you’d like to book a free strategy call with Jeffrey, email him at jeffrey@deepwealth.com or visit his site at https://deepwealth.com.READ MORE

A business developer shares how she took a top Salt Lake City Custom Home Builder to new levels by practicing, understanding her team’s value, and telling the right stories.
Show highlights include:

I really believe in what we do.READ MORE

We are in a new reality. We’re not going back to what used to be considered NORMAL. In this episode I talk with Business Coach and friend Scott Beebe from My Business on Purpose. Scott is a past guest and if you are a regular listener you will remember him from one of our most popular episodes, one of the early ones, episode 02 You Can’t Scale Chaos.READ MORE

A brand is an intangible marketing or business concept that helps people identify a company, product, or individual. People often confuse brands with things like logos, slogans, or other recognizable marks, which are marketing tools that help promote goods and services.READ MORE

Our guest on this episode is Russ Stephens, the co-founder of the Association of Professional Builders (APB) which is a leading business coaching company dedicated to improving the residential construction industry for both builders and consumers.READ MORE

Have you ever wished you could clone yourself? A virtual assistant allows you to get more things done in less time. Think of a VA as an additional member of your team that is laser focused on helping you get your tasks done.READ MORE

Inflation is upon us, and probably here to stay. You can look at this as a negative or see it as an opportunity. It’s all about how you position your business for the future. Join us for a conversation with Spencer Powel from Builder Funnel Academy.READ MORE

People want to do business with People. What types of things are you doing in your business, or for your team, that could be shared with others? Join us for a conversation with returning guest Pamela Durkin as she urges all of us to do more storytelling and less reporting. READ MORE

Embracing technology to improve your business and elevate our industry.
Show highlights include:

How making a two-day time investment in your construction software can add an extra month to your year (8:47) 
Why demanding that your team use a new software smashes their productivity (even if your new software increases productivity) (12:13) 
The “Slow Down to Speed Up” secret for implementing time-saving software when you don’t have time (13:36) 
Why simply purchasing more software and technology may actually hurt your team and bottom line (21:24) 
The little-known leadership role which raises your company’s professionalism in your client’s eyes overnight (25:56) 
Constantly raising your prices because of inflation is not the answer.READ MORE

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