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In this episode we dive into the power of having someone like a fractional CFO (and fractional other titles for that matter) that can help you propel your business forward. Guest Michael Stier is an area President for FocusCFO of the Carolinas.READ MORE

Business owners across all industries are struggling to find talented people. Why is this? You have to take a look at yourself first and ask what makes you attractive to the workforce?
Show highlights include:

Why treating recruitment as a business development function helps you attract unicorn talent to your team with ease (3:22) 
How being even 1% better at recruiting than your competitors will help you dominate your market (6:07) 
Why hiring people before you need them and before their role even exists may the single best recruitment strategy (7:05) 
The “ABR” mindset shift for never worrying about finding all-star talent again (8:50) 
The #1 most effective, yet overlooked marketing strategy as a small business owner (and how to apply this strategy to recruitment) (10:19) 
4 intangible things your teammates want more than a high paying job (10:52) 
How to build an inseparable team of employees who won’t want to leave you (even if there’s a better opportunity) (16:47) 
Why waiting for an annual review to check in with your teammates is a recipe for other companies to poach your people (26:57) 

If you’d like to connect with James and discover how he can help your business grow, check out his website at https://www.jamespagano.com/READ MORE

The success, or failure, of any organization depends on its ability to meet the challenges presented by growth and change, and to make healthy transitions from one stage of development to the next.READ MORE

If two people are accountable no one is accountable. Roles and responsibilities have to be clearly defined. Our guest on this episode has personally helped many in the Builder Nuggets community. In Episode 13 he gave an overview of EOS (The Entrepreneurial Operating System) and it’s simple, proven format that will get everyone on your team behind your mission.READ MORE

The best entrepreneurs have learned that you can’t do everything yourself. A builder-turned-business-coach walks us through his team and shares his insight into how building the right team has created freedom for his builder clients (and himself).READ MORE

Show highlights include:

How your Shiny Object Syndrome transforms your business into a profit-eating monster (1:20) 
4 core principles of building a lean and mean business that can scale up or down with ease (2:30) 
The “Not a Bank” business model that keeps your company lean and mean (even as you scale) (2:41)
The dirt-simple car analogy that makes potential clients want to give you their money before you start building instead of making you foot the bill (4:00) 
Why bringing marketing talent in-house is less effective and more gut-wrenching than outsourcing (12:57) 
How building your construction business like a doctor’s office maximizes your profitability and minimizes your headaches (14:26) 
The “Who, Not How” mindset that unlocks true freedom in your business (20:42)
Don’t invest in what you don’t need (26:10)
Why creating a lean and mean company puts your exit plan on “easy mode” (29:32) 

To get the most out of this podcast, head over to https://buildernuggets.com and join our active community of like-minded builders and remodelers.READ MORE

In this episode we talk with Byron Brooks and Stefan Wright to hear the unique spin they are putting on builder events. It’s a refreshing way to bring like minded builders, remodelers, architects, designers, and students together to work on their game and have a ton of fun while doing it.READ MORE

Join us for a conversation with custom home builder Andrew Black and learn how his quest to find a better way to run his business led to 500% growth, multiple offices, and a team that’s never been happier.READ MORE

In this episode we continue our conversation with industry consultant and training expert Joe Stoddard on what all of us can do to make training a key element in our business. With no end in sight to the high demand for housing, coupled with a tight labor pool and trade base, training will be a necessity for growth moving forward.READ MORE

TRAINING! It’s an absolute must. With no end in sight to the high demand for housing, coupled with a tight labor pool and trade base, training will be a necessity for growth moving forward. It is essential in building the workforce of tomorrow.READ MORE

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