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“You’re having a bonfire. There are two ways you can get this thing started. You could either dump a bunch of gasoline on it, light a match, and hope that you don’t catch on fire with that huge explosion, or you can take your time, get everything set up right, and get a little spark going and let that spark turn into a little flame and let that little flame turn into a bigger flame and get that slow burn going until you have a nice consistent fire.” – Darin Persinger
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“We should be able to get things done quicker and easier because we have all this technology but I think a lot of people are suffering from a lack of time and a lot of that probably has to do with information overload.” – Darin Persinger
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“Why do people want to overdo stuff all the time, Jonathan? If you take a whole bottle of aspirin your stomach is going to start on fire and you burn from the inside out and you die. So we’re saving you from dying on today’s show.READ MORE

“I believe the future belongs to those who know how to think. Because if you know how to think, you know how to find solutions, you know how to problem solve and there’s nothing more valuable than that.” – Darin Persinger

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“The best way to bring things together and to have it consistent and to wrap it all up is to have a system.” – Darin PersingerREAD MORE

“You need to be tracking your leads and measuring your leads, all of your marketing, everything that you’re doing so that you know your numbers, so that you can make smart business decisions and know where you should put your money.” – Darin PersingerREAD MORE

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