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1. Keving Rogers Copy Chief: http://copychief.com/
2. The 60 second sales hook: http://60secondsaleshook.com/
“But the reason I don’t call it a “pitch” is because it’s not meant to close the sale.READ MORE

So you think everything is going to be alright when you amass a fortune?
Yeah… I used to think that, too.
But you couldn’t be MORE wrong.
Everything will be alright when you master THIS.
Consequently, more than likely NOTHING will be alright until you get this skill embedded into that over-sized cranium of yours.… READ MORE

“Bullets should not give it away. They should create curiosity. They should create intrigue. They should create mystique.” – Darin Persinger

Numbers never Lie:
Digital Marketing Spending Averages 2.5% of Company Revenue
Main Topic:
Focus On Developing SKILLS In These Three Areas Gets You More Leads, More Sales & Decreases Your Marketing Costs (Right Before The Episode We Do With Kevin Rodgers)
Skill #1: Headlines (Copywriting 101)
Skill #2: Storytelling (Copywriting 201)
Skill #3: Bullets (Copywriting Mastery)… READ MORE

I got a question for ya…
If I walked into your home or office today…what would I find?
I’m not talking about computers, printers, pens, notepads, pics of your family, liquor, weed, rolling papers… all the normal stuff.… READ MORE

“What could be happening is people aren’t spending enough money to see it really take hold and so they get stuck at 10%, because they get a little scared.” – Darin Persinger

Numbers never Lie:
10.4% The amount of revenue that was spent on marketing by small business http://www.gartner.com/technology/research/digital-marketing/digital-marketing-spend-report.jsp
Main Topic:
How much money should you spend on marketing
Links and other stuff mentioned in this show:

I’ve made a LOT of mistakes.
Mistakes that have cost me dearly.
And sadly, 90% of the entrepreneurs I know are making the same mistakes.
They’re losing out on a lot of money.
And it totally makes life suck, too.… READ MORE

“Normal people live paycheck to paycheck. Real estate agents live transaction to transaction. The first step you need to do is get away from that.” – Darin Persinger

Jonathan’s 3 Big Business Mistakes

Ever heard that one?
The old “do what you love and the money will follow” thang?
Heck, there was even a book with that as the title.
Soooo… is it true?
Well, that depends.
I’ve chased my passions.… READ MORE

“If they’re willing to mislead and manipulate their co-workers around their office in order to sell a truck to you, what are they willing to do to you?” – Darin Persinger

Numbers never Lie:
-95% of the books in this country are purchased by 5% of the population.… READ MORE

Wanna see what you must do to sell stuff to Gen-X’ers and Millenials?
Then look no further than where a music industry visionary is headed.
(A tip of the hat to guitarist Adrian Belew – a Baby Boomer – for pointing out the obvious.)
I think I’ve identified a major trend.… READ MORE

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