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Most people gravitate towards the easy, choosing the path of least resistance.

We tend to avoid doing the hard stuff, looking for shortcuts at every chance.

But you will never achieve greatness this way.

In order to succeed in today’s world – in a culture that encourages shortcuts and quick fixes, we must embrace grit, dedication and determination.

In this episode, you’ll discover how today’s world discourages important life skills. I’ll also reveal how to use those skills to live up to your full potential and build a successful career and business.

Listen now.

Show Highlights Include:

  • The S.C.E.N.E fallacy that describes how technology depletes our emotional intelligence. (02:07)
  • Why entertainment around the clock is bad for our brain health (and how being bored unlocks your brain’s creativity). (03:41)
  • How to achieve genius-level performance (even if you’re not a genius) (05:05)
  • How teachers who hate your gut help you imbibe grit and problem-solving (even with their unbearable methods). (06:38)
  • The commitment technique used in the 1950s to build a profitable business (and how you can use it to excel no matter your situation). (12:52)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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