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That’s right.
The title of Dan’s favorite book is the topic of today’s show.
Because when everyone seems to be living the “zero fucks given” philosophy right now… Dan learned there is a subtle (and controversial) *thing* going on underneath that most people seem to be missing.… READ MORE

I recently had an interesting conversation with fellow Floridian, Jack Born.
Jack is a marketer who has recently specialized in creating tools that solve problems for online marketers.
One of the tools he created is AW Pro Tools.… READ MORE

Meet the Expert on Premiums
Dat Dang is an entrepreneur and a member of the Fast 50 Asian Americans. He is an expert on premiums, which are usually used in direct mail.
In 1978, he and his family arrived in the US as boat people after the fall of Vietnam.READ MORE

Do you have a dead list?
Do you feel it hasn’t been monetized as it should?
Is it collecting dust, as you’re too confused at to what to do with it?
If you answered yes to the above questions, the simplest way to remedy that is to start e-mailing your list.… READ MORE

Welcome to the Donor Doctor with your host James Newberry. On today’s show, James shares Crowdfunding Talk with Son.
Crowdfunding Sources
Kickstarter and GoFundMe are two popular crowdfunding sources that have millions of online supporters.READ MORE

What emotions come to mind when you succeed?
Good ones, right?
You’re queen of the mountain! You feel happy, strong, brave, smart, and confident. You’re walking on air:; all smiles.
It’s amazing.… READ MORE

In today’s show, the human strength expert Kyle Newell debunks the myths of the fitness industry.
Here are the show highlights of About to Blow Up Some Sacred Cows of the Fitness Industry:

Kyle’s fitness experience (1:31)
Myth on cardio (2:30)
Cardio for fat loss (4:23)
Cardio and endurance running (6:49)
Myth on isolating muscles (8:08)
Training for strength and power (10:03)
Myth on diet (11:32)
Taking control of stress (15:22)
Myth on core training (17:05)
Recap (18:45)

Kyle’s Fitness Experience
Kyle has encountered a lot of myths in actual strength training.… READ MORE

What can villains teach you about persuasion?
According to Ben Settle, world leader in e-mail copywriting education, quite a lot.
Now, I don’t want you going around killing people.
But I want you to start thinking of villains as people who against the established order of things.… READ MORE

Guitar players are cruel.
But it’s kinda funny…
The ones who are the cruelest… and the meanest… are exactly the same as every other
critic in your life.
They ALL have something in common.… READ MORE

Or as Dan puts it, “consistency is the tits!”
And yet, you won’t often hear people talk about it for two simple reasons: It’s unsexy and it’s boring.
But guess what?
If you apply it the way Dan tells you to, it can give you freedom AND results.… READ MORE

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