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Today’s exciting new “Ben Settle Show” podcast is for people who want to start or run a more successful podcast.
We rap about:
* What a “governor” is… and how it can make or break your podcast.READ MORE

Today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast contains a ton of advice for both freelance copywriters and their clients, including:
* How to profit from sales letters that your clients never use.
* How to get clients to respect your time without saying a single world.… READ MORE

On today’s “Ben Settle Show” Producer Jonathan and I rap about the top 10 copywriting books, courses, and resources.
We also reveal:
* The #1 most important thing I learned studying Gary Bencivenga—the man who is universally considered the world’s greatest living copywriter.READ MORE

Today’s action-packed “Ben Settle Show” reveals:
* A secret way to position even your most outrageous claims in ads so they are instantly and totally believed.
* How one of the world’s top direct mail copywriters structures his ads so people have no choice but to believe his claims.… READ MORE

* The #1 book on time management ever written. (It goes well beyond just time management—it’s also one of the best overall business books ever written.)
* Why I don’t do business with people who aren’t punctual.… READ MORE

Today’s controversial “Ben Settle Show” analyzes the 3 kinds of hoes (male, female, and business).
It also reveals:
* What a time hoe is… and why they’re always broke and struggling.
* The single best and most reliable way to sell a service.… READ MORE

Today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast episode it’s ALL about storytelling in your ads, emails, and sales letters:
* How human beings are “hard wired” to be persuaded by stories.
* How presidential candidates use stories to get people to believe their bullshit claims and promises.… READ MORE

This week’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast episode is all about low class jackass marketers, people, and customers, including:
* How the term “low class jackass” helps the children.
* Just how much of the Internet marketing community is made up of people who display low class jackass tendencies.… READ MORE

In this week’s “Ben Settle Show” episode we offend everyone with the name “Stu” (not on purpose, though), and talk about:
* What to tell people who threaten to opt out of your list.
* My “10 emails” secret to killing it during special sales.… READ MORE

In this anti-professional “Ben Settle Show” episode, Producer Jonathan and I natter on about:
* The one time it’s okay to kiss ass.
* Why being a “time whore” is basically like robbing yourself.… READ MORE

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