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Today’s Ben Settle Antipreneur show (our 6th episode) reveals:
* Why the “law of reciprocity” is a big pile of horse crap.
* How swiping makes you look like a fool to your own list. (A so-called “7-figure marketer” looked like an idiot to his own list
last year when he did this — if you are always clinging to “swipes” then chances are you’re making this same mistake.)
* How to get people to buy from you even if they hate you.READ MORE

Got a brand spanking new podcast up.
This time I interviewed my friend Doberman Dan Gallapoo.
We rap about things like:
* Why you have a better chance of being healed by a medicine man shaman rattling a staff at the moon in the middle of the desert than the American medical system.READ MORE

The 2nd episode of my “Antipreneur” online radio show is now
uploaded and ready for listening.
It’s kinda controversial.
So if you’re a mush cookie, you should pass on it.
As my producer said on Facebook about it:
“can’t wait to hear
what kind of feedback you get
from that bit around 27 minutes
into the show.”
A merry time will be had by all…
Listen.… READ MORE

I’ve mentioned this before:
One of my ex-girlfriends once said I had two personalities:
Ben and elbenbo.
Ben being the fun, kind, all around humble (heh) and loveable guy.
elbenbo being the prick who’d snap if she even so much as forgot to
put a ripe, plump tomato on his sammich.… READ MORE

In this show we talk about why spelling nazis suck…
* How to repulse people into buying from you…
* Why being an ugly chick is like playing the dating game on hard mode (and some secret ways they can use to steal the highest value men from hotter women)…
* The biggest difference between copywriting and creative writing…
* Why you shouldn’t deny your friends and colleagues the chance to hate my guts, and ho’ bunch mo’.… READ MORE

Got the 1st episode of my new online radio gig (the “Ben Settle
Antipreneur Show”) up.
I call this 1st one:
“How to profit from
the female rationalization hamster”
Ben Settle

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