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Behold… today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast reveals:
* How to keep your spam complaints to almost zero. (I mail sometimes twice per day, 7 days per week, and hardly get any spam complaints. This is how…)
* The #1 most valuable market research skill I taught my copywriting apprentice.… READ MORE

On this week’s “Ben Settle Show” episode, we natter on about the “Odd Fellows.” Why you’re one… why I’m one… and, why so few people in the world (5%) are.
This is an experimental episode.… READ MORE

“So I think a lot of people don’t understand the ROI. They just see it as an expense.” – Darin Persinger
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Numbers never Lie:
$15,799: For households that have credit card debt, the average amount of credit card debt is an astounding $15,799.… READ MORE

In this magical 31st episode of “The Ben Settle Show” podcast, Producer Jonathan and I get down & dirty about such life & death topics as:
* Why I’m such a prick about not selling “Email Players” digitally.READ MORE

In today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast I bloviate about:
* Why the 2 “most mailed” sales letters in history had no headline.
* The 1st (most important) thing I taught my copywriting apprentice.
* My “dumbed down” 5-step million dollar sales letter process.READ MORE

In today’s “Ben Settle Show” we rap about…
* A secret way of writing emails (used by Hemingway and other popular novelists) that makes writing faster, more entertaining, and, yes, more profitable.READ MORE

The single best way ever invented for getting someone’s attention (whether in an ad, an email or even trying to nab the attention of a girl you want to date).
What the Holy Bible says about getting not just attention… but complete, undivided, “ignore everything else but your message” attention… in your advertising.… READ MORE

On today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast:

A small mindset “tweak” that will instantly (starting today) help you attract the best clients, customers and even members of the opposite sex.
How to insulate yourself from the sting of rejection in business (and any other area of life—dating, elections, people using your ideas, etc).… READ MORE

On today’s Ben Settle Show podcast:

A secret hidden inside the Book of Revelation that makes your email list FAR more eager-to-buy than they are now.
How to “jimmie” your list so you can quickly double (even triple) the sales you get mailing affiliate offers.… READ MORE

This time on “The Ben Settle Show” we reveal:
* How to “ethically trick” clients into writing most of your sales letters for you.
* What exact kind of movies the most successful copywriters see at the theater, and how to use this unusual secret to make your ads more persuasive.… READ MORE

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