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In today’s “Ben Settle Show” we rap about…

* A secret way of writing emails (used by Hemingway and other popular novelists) that makes writing faster, more entertaining, and, yes, more profitable.

* How one of the most brilliant marketing minds on the planet structures his sales funnels.

* The single most important thing you can include when speaking publicly if you want to make the most sales possible.

* Why so many “experts” are broke without a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out.

* How to position yourself in your market so people buy from you sight unseen, and without doing even a lick of research on you, your business, or your product.

* What to include on a video sales letter page that has always increased response every time I’ve seen it tested.

* How to keep your girlfriend or wife on her best behavior. (BONUS: This also applies to pets, politicians, friends, clients, customers, service providers, and anyone else you associate with.)

* How to know (really know) what people want to buy. (You can do away with surveys or asking people what they want — just do this and you’ll know exactly what products they want to spend their money on.)

* What the Bible says about how to to gain the respect of your market, colleagues, teachers, clients, customers, etc. (This advice has worked for thousands of years — it works even better today.)

* The exact best time to “fire” problem customers or clients.

* And lots, lots more…

Ben Settle

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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