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In today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast I bloviate about:

* Why the 2 “most mailed” sales letters in history had no headline.

* The 1st (most important) thing I taught my copywriting apprentice.

* My “dumbed down” 5-step million dollar sales letter process. (This is the exact same “structure” I’ve used to write every 7-figure earning sales letter I’ve ever written—including ads that are still running, unbeaten by other copywriters, for the past 7 years.)

* The second most important part of your sales letter (the headline is #1, most think the PS is #2—but they’re wrong. It’s this other part we talk about.)

* How to get not just attention… but undivided attention in your ads and sales letters.

* How to arrange it so even people who don’t think they need your product will suddenly realize they do… and even buy it on the spot.

* The #1 mistake people make when writing stories in ads.

* The best TV show to watch if you write sales letters. (Each episode is basically a sales letter “template” and in line with one of the late great copywriter Gene Schwartz’s criteria for movies copywriters should watch. Of course, we talk about what movies he insisted copywriters watch, too…)

* The single most important skill to learn if you write ads. (And nope, it ain’t telling stories, writing headlines, good “writing”, or anything most people talk about.)

* Why I rarely use a “PS” in emails.

* How to master writing bullet points. (Many times people will buy very expensive products because of ONE bullet buried on page 18 of a sales letter… simply because a bullet got ‘em and they had to buy. Here’s the best way to learn in the fasted time possible…)

* The 2 copywriters I study the most. (I admittedly base this 5-step sales letter structure on their ads.)

* A “no creativity required” way to write sales letter stories.

* And a ho’ bunch mo’…

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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