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In this magical 31st episode of “The Ben Settle Show” podcast, Producer Jonathan and I get down & dirty about such life & death topics as:

* Why I’m such a prick about not selling “Email Players” digitally.

* How selling physical products gets me free gourmet food each year. (Nothing to do with your sales and profits, but if you like to eat…)

* A secret way (used by the billion dollar movie industry) to “arrange” it so customers already want to buy your products without even needing to see an ad. (Just do this and the sale is already made, regardless of how good your advertising is.)

* When you should sell digital products and when you should sell physical products.

* 3 myths about selling physical products that keep the ebook evangelists broke (or at least making a lot less profit than they should be making).

* Why it’s easier, less hassle, more convenient, and less work for you to sell physical products vs eBooks and other digital products.

* The printer & fulfillment house I use to sell my print newsletters and various physical products.

* What to do if you download an eBook or pdf document and it won’t open. (Before you contact the seller, just do this and 99 out of 100 times the problem will be solved.)

* Why physical product buyers tend to be FAR better customers and higher quality people than people who only buy digital products.

* The hidden psychology—you can see by observing the world’s top direct mail strategist (the guy other direct mail experts go to when they need advice)—behind why selling physical products is so much more profitable than digital products.

* Do physical products really have more refunds than eBooks? (If you listen to warrior forum trolls you might think so. But here’s the reality…)

* And a bunch more…

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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