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In today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast Producer Jonathan and I brain fart on about the marketing plan I *should* be implementing for my “Zombie Cop” novel, including:
* A secret website where you can find reporters looking to interview people who sell the exact product or service you offer.READ MORE

In today’s entertainment-packed “Ben Settle Show” podcast:
* How to (ethically) use entertainment to kill your competitor’s sales. (And, how to protect yourself from this tactic if anyone uses it on you!)
* How to inject entertainment into ALL your marketing (emails, sales letters, podcasts, customer service, even when people unsubscribe from your list — the whole sha-bang).… READ MORE

On today’s (reluctantly) free Ben Settle Show podcast…
* 2 things Gary Halbert used to do on his website that will destroy your sales. (Gary was one of the single best marketing minds in human history — but if you are doing these 2 things he advocated you are basically setting fire to your sales.)
* How to use email to get twice as many podcast downloads.… READ MORE

On today’s action-packed new “Ben Settle Show” podcast:
* An FBI negotiation instructor’s secret for instantly being respected by your peers, market, clients, and anyone else you are in contact with.READ MORE

In today’s “Ben Settle Show” we reveal…
* Why the customer is never right (ever).
* How “moving the free line” insults customers and kills sales.
* An ancient Babylonian secret for tripling the speed at which you build your business in just 1 hour per day.READ MORE

On today’s “anger packed” Ben Settle Show podcast…
* How I “harness” negative thoughts and emotions to accomplish far more than I ever would by thinking positively. (The great late night talk show host Johnny Carson did this, too, and soared to the top of his game — with everyone *still* trying to catch up to him decades after he went off the air.)
* How the positive thinking nazis keep people broke.… READ MORE

On today’s “Ben Settle Show” Producer Jonathan and I interview a 25-year marketing veteran who is also a 30+ year dating veteran (who currently has 3 different girlfriends in his “dating harem”).… READ MORE

On today’s “hater-bait” Ben Settle Show episode…
* My uncensored opinion of NLP.
* What the world’s greatest living copywriter teaches about persuasion.
* How to know when you’ve officially won an argument with a liberal.READ MORE

On today’s “Ben Settle Show” Producer Jonathan and I edu-ma-cate the fandom on:
* How to make more sales by raising your prices.
* The secret of the “reverse pyramid scheme.”
* How to attract customers who WANT to pay more for the kind of product or service you sell.READ MORE

On todays “Ben Settle Show”:
* How to get dozens of emails written for virtually any affiliate offer you sell… without swiping even one single word or doing a lot of writing. (Producer Jonathan was a bit startled I gave this much away in a free podcast — but whatevs…)
* A secret way to use your phone to multiply the sales of any affiliate marketing pitch you ever send by email.… READ MORE

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