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In today’s entertainment-packed “Ben Settle Show” podcast:

* How to (ethically) use entertainment to kill your competitor’s sales. (And, how to protect yourself from this tactic if anyone uses it on you!)

* How to inject entertainment into ALL your marketing (emails, sales letters, podcasts, customer service, even when people unsubscribe from your list — the whole sha-bang).

* What exact site to send people to if they complain about your content. (It’s entertaining for you, but not so much for the people you fire from your business…)

* How telling people NOT to buy can increase your sales.

* How even boring people can be entertaining in their marketing.

* How to use entertainment to combat the people on your list’s ever-shrinking attention spans.

* A natural way to entertain people that is so simple even a 5-year old child can do it. (It’s also the single most persuasive way to sell something, too.)

* Why it’s your moral and ethical duty to be more entertaining in your marketing. (That is, if you care about your customers…)

* A secret way used by the smash hit TV show “60 Minutes” that can help you dominate your competition and multiple your sales almost overnight.

* How even a boring person can be entertaining (this works even if you have the personality of Elmer Fud).

* How to interview people for your podcast or products that makes your content so fascinating people can’t stop listening even if they want to. (If you do podcasts with interviews or create products based on interviews, just do this and your information will be 10x’s more valuable.)

* How to use entertainment to make your products more effective for your customers.

And lotza mo’…

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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