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leverage-making-agents-rich“I think some of the best copywriting, direct response marketing books were the things written in the '20s, '30s, '40s, and '50s, not the new blogs that exist today.” – Darin Persinger

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Numbers never Lie:
On today’s show you have to do some work to get the number
1. How many listings do you have?
2. Grab a copy of the 5 levels book and turn to page 133 section 5 to find out how many listing you need to hit your goals.

Main Topic:
Going Ol’ School with your marketing and sales

Three tips:
1. Go to Amazon – Read real estate books from the 80’s and 90’s
2. Look for ideas outside your industry
3. Find a mentor

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Links and other stuff mentioned in this show:
1. The 5 levels of Success for a Real Estate agent http://MakingAgentsRich.com/5levelsbook
2. Real Estate Agents, Do you want more listings? Think Listings
3. How your environment is keeping you from being rich and happy real estate agent RB3Environment

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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