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On today’s (reluctantly) free Ben Settle Show podcast…

* 2 things Gary Halbert used to do on his website that will destroy your sales. (Gary was one of the single best marketing minds in human history — but if you are doing these 2 things he advocated you are basically setting fire to your sales.)

* How to use email to get twice as many podcast downloads.

* Why moving the free line is one of the worst ways to sell. (And what works 10x’s better.)

* How to “draw out” the most hostile members of your list.

* The danger and violence you can expect to happen when the government can no longer pay out welfare checks.

* How I “prep” new subscribers on my list to be buyers. (I learned this from one of the founding fathers of Internet marketing — Terry Dean — and it makes business a lot more fun and profitable.)

* Where to get a free “crash course” in direct marketing online from one of the highest earning marketers who ever lived.

* How giving away a lot of free stuff hurts (not helps) your list.

* Why so many freebie seekers are broke and desperate.

* And a ho’ bunch mo’…

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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