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On today’s “hater-bait” Ben Settle Show episode…

* My uncensored opinion of NLP.

* What the world's greatest living copywriter teaches about persuasion.

* How to know when you've officially won an argument with a liberal. (As soon as they say these words revealed on the podcast, you know they lost, they know they lost, and it's extremely amusing to behold.)

* Why America doesn't suck as much as all the spoiled drama queens who whine about it say it does.

* The only thing you have to do in your emails to stand out from all your competition.

* A single question you can ask that lets you win almost any debate nearly every time. (Works even if you're wrong!)

* The Seinfeld secret to creating a podcast people can't wait to get their “fix” of each week.

* How people ruin perfectly good persuasive arguments.

* Why your list wants you to be controversial (whether they will ever admit it or not) and will reward you (with sales) when you are.

* The absolute safest place to be if you fear gun violence.

* The “noble” reason why you should be selfish in life, business, relationships, etc. (The mush cookies won't like this… but you actually do your friends, loved ones and business a disservice by not being selfish, and here's why…)

* The best state to live in if you are a gun owner.

* How to destroy apathy in your mailing list. (Apathy is… by FAR… the #1 sales killer. Here's how to kill it, make more sales and create an audience that either loves you, or loves t hate you…)

* And a whole bunch more lovin…

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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