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On today's “Ben Settle Show” Producer Jonathan and I edu-ma-cate the fandom on:

* How to make more sales by raising your prices.

* The secret of the “reverse pyramid scheme.”

* How to attract customers who WANT to pay more for the kind of product or service you sell.

* How to exponentially increase your profits by telling people NOT to buy.

* The secret way Walt Disney used to build his empire. (Not only is doing this free, but I just watched a local business go from $0 to so big it has to hire employees in just a matter of a few weeks doing this.)

* The “churn & burn” mistake 95% of online marketers (chances are YOU are doing this) make that is killing their sales.

* A “hokey” (but extremely effective) way to run a business, that attracts the highest quality customers and prospects.

* The business book everyone should have a copy of (TMI alert: this book has sat in my bathroom for 6 years, I get so much gold from it)

* And a ho' bunch mo'.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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