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Today’s Ben Settle Show podcast puts a spotlight on the ugliest yet easily one of the most profitable websites on the Internet, and shows what makes it “tick.”
This site is so ugly it looks like a 10-year old built it.… READ MORE

A few podcasts ago I got tagged with the “contrarian” label.

Mostly, because of my aversion to putting links to social media on my site, not treating my site as anything other than a way to build a list or make sales (which builds a list), and a host of other things too many to go into here.… READ MORE

A couple months ago I was hanging out with my pal Dan Meredith at an event we were both speaking at and got into a conversation about something people are (apparently) paying big money to learn, yet boggles both our minds anyone has to be “taught” it.… READ MORE

True story:
Waaaaay back in 2008 I bought Gary Bencivenga’s Farewell Seminar DVD’s where he revealed all his secrets. I was, of course, blown away by it. In fact, it had such an impact on my copywriting and overall business & marketing philosophies, I just had to send him (and his wife, Pauline) an email telling them how much it meant having it.… READ MORE

“The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That’s pride f—ing with you. f—k pride! Pride only hurts, it never helps.”
— Marsellus Wallace
“Pulp Fiction”
Podcast listener Kyle Davidson (who’s been binging on the old school masters John Caples and and Claude Hopkins) recently sent me a thought-provoking email related to all these people (rampant on facebook especially) who don’t treat their websites as anything other than a way to build a list/make a sale.… READ MORE

A few months ago, I allowed my ex-copywriting apprentice to hang out with me at a local Irish pub here in my cozy coastal town.
I say “allowed” because, she doesn’t live in this town.
She only lives in The Burgle.… READ MORE

Let me tell you a lil’ ditty about pounding out emails.
Several years ago, one of my business partners at the time wanted to challenge elBenbo to a game of wits. He wanted to know if I was “for real” with this whole email shin-dig, and wanted to test me on it.… READ MORE

Back when I got started in this crazy business of direct response marketing (circa 2002), I was broke as a joke. As in, it hurt the wallet just to buy Dan Kennedy’s $8 “Ultimate Sales Letter” book.… READ MORE

Just because I no longer have an apprentice, doesn’t mean I can’t still abuse other peoples’ apprentices.
Case in point:
Before my podcast announcer chick Misty sends emails to the podcast list, she always sends to me for my perusal. … READ MORE

Once upon a time, I was talking to my droogie Doberman Dan when he told me about how his merchant account was suddenly shut down out of the blue.
No indication.
No warning.
And, no reason whatsoever.
(His track record was “hounds tooth” clean.)
Someone in ye olde bureaucracy decided he was high risk.… READ MORE

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