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This gets me in trouble with the matriarchy.
But, it’s the truth.
If the West wanted to make marriage (1) far more interesting (for guys, at least) and (2) far more fun for the people who attend the ceremony one need only do the following:

Lend me your ears for a second.
Recently I was having a conversation with my ex-copywriting apprentice about podcasts. Even though I’ve hosted a podcast for 2 years and 107 shows… I hardly ever listen to other podcasts.… READ MORE

In today’s podcast we wrap up the first 70 “Email Players” rules.
We talk about:
* How to wisely (and ethically) use “hype” to side-step lagging attention spans.
* Why credibility is only the second most important thing in email marketing (hardly anyone talks about the #1 thing and it costs them lots of sales).READ MORE

This week’s “Ben Settle Show” is all about how to pick a coach to hire — regardless of the niche or industry (copywriting, marketing, business, fitness, life, fashion, sales, accountability, you name it, any kind of coach).… READ MORE

This week’s “Ben Settle Show” episode is perhaps, minute-for-minute, the most profitable show we’ve ever recorded.
Some of what we discuss includes:
* An inside look at the brain of a goo-roo fanboy who buys and refunds $7 eBooks.… READ MORE

Today’s “Ben Settle Show” is all about…
List building.
(It only took 103 podcast episodes, but we finally did it…)
We also rap about:
* How to get sales from paid ads people don’t even click on!READ MORE

The late great Gary Halbert once said:
“If you want to add another ‘0’
on the end of your current profits…
start using offline marketing
in addition to your online efforts”
Again, that’s completely paraphrased.… READ MORE

If you’re a copywriter (freelancer or otherwise) this 3rd part of the 4-part Brian Kurtz podcast interview will be like a wet dream for you.
Because Brian has worked with pretty much every world class copywriter in the game over the past 40 years.… READ MORE

As LOATHE as I am to admit it, I was wrong about something.
Yes, I’m as shocked as you are.
But, facts are facts.
And, even though the likelihood of me being wrong about anything is so statistically irrelevant it’s like it never happens at all… I must come clear.… READ MORE

Here’s a true story that’ll warm the cockles of your liver:
One of the single most business-changing lessons I ever done learned (that’s guided my business career and goals for the past 8+ years) is something I read from Dan Kennedy while writing articles for one of his business partners (Pete The Printer):
“He (or she) who owns the media
makes all the money”
Meaning, you want to own your own (paid) media.… READ MORE

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