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Here’s a true story that’ll warm the cockles of your liver:

One of the single most business-changing lessons I ever done learned (that’s guided my business career and goals for the past 8+ years) is something I read from Dan Kennedy while writing articles for one of his business partners (Pete The Printer):

“He (or she) who owns the media
makes all the money”

Meaning, you want to own your own (paid) media.

(i.e. continuity)

That way, in addition to the obvious benefits of selling continuity, you have an audience who pays you to send them your own offers (in the envelope, email, membership site, etc you’re already paying for), accept payment for ads for other businesses (if’n that’s your thing), and have a far more secure income than you will just pumping out new products each month.

If you do this, it will change everything for you.

And, it’s so simple, practically everyone misses it.

And guess what?

I’m doing a special 4-part Ben Settle Show podcast (starting today through Sunday) with the king of direct response marketing himself:

Brian Kurtz.

If you don’t know who Brian is, here’s the tl;dr version:

* Was Executive VP of Boardroom Inc

* Named Marketer Of The Year by Target Marketing Magazine

* Worked with (in person) the “best of the best” copywriter, marketers, and creative talent of the last 100 years (and I mean that literally — any “who’s who” of copywriting marketing you have heard of he’s probably worked with) — and he was the late Marty Edelston’s right-hand man in all things business and marketing

Anyway, this interview spanned almost 2.5 hours.

So I’m breaking it up into 4 chunks from today til Sunday.

This first part?

It’s about continuity.

Including, how doing continuity (correctly) was responsible for Boardroom, INC being the direct marketing powerhouse that’s changed tens of millions of lives it is.

Ben Settle

P.S. Stick around until the very end for an offer that includes getting your hot, sticky hands on some products that people in our little direct response world are willing to lose a kidney over.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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