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This week’s “Ben Settle Show” episode is perhaps, minute-for-minute, the most profitable show we’ve ever recorded.

Some of what we discuss includes:

* An inside look at the brain of a goo-roo fanboy who buys and refunds $7 eBooks.

* A 15-second “tweak” to your website that can immediately increase your profits without changing even a single word of a your copy.

* How browsing Facebook can lower your testosterone levels?

* How to turn short term cheap little Kindle eBooks into long term big ticket sales.

* Earl Nightingale’s secret to never making another mistake for as long as you live.

* How to get only the best “cream of the crop” customers to want to buy your products.

* A simple change to your pricing which is virtually guaranteed to increase your profits — fast.

* The wine-lover’s secret to creating the perfect price for your products and services.

Download this bad-boy here:



Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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