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The above subject line was written to me in a facebook message by my droogie Ryan Stewman.
He had just seen my blog for the first time.
And, was horrified by what he saw.
Specifically by two things:

“Email Players” subscriber Martijn Koevoets recently wrote about how he pulled in some pretty good dough with the most brain-dead simple funnel you can think of:
1. Send traffic to an optin page.… READ MORE

Not a week goes by where someone doesn’t ask something like:
“Ben! Who do you use to print your products and ship them?”
“Ben! What merchant account do you use?”
“Ben! Who does your web site stuff?”
And so on, and so forth.… READ MORE

Would you take persuasion advice from a felon?
As in, someone who was in 9 different prisons (state and fed)… was often the only white guy in the place in the south and much smaller than most of the other prisoners inside… with prison guards so ruthless they kicked a legless prisoner down some stairs just for shitz & giggles?… READ MORE

One of the things you see amateur copywriters do (including people who know better) is put the gay little “as seen on” logo at the top of their ads.
“As seen on…”
Then logos of major news sites, publications, shows, etc.… READ MORE

One of the things I taught the Ben Settle announcer chick while hacking away at your sales letter with reckless abandon was the “genie secret.”
What’s the genie secret?
Well, let’s put it this way:
Back in the golden age of direct response (B.I.E.… READ MORE

Last year I drove back into the golf market.
And, since it isn’t information I’m selling (which I was selling before) but something completely different, that nobody else is (at least not using the format and mechanism we are), I had to re-examine the market a lot more closely.… READ MORE

Recently I put Misty the Ben Settle Show announcer chick on the hot seat.
(And recorded it.)
I took her main offer/sales letter and burned it.
Then, helped her rewrite it from scratch… from the ground up.… READ MORE

It’s not talked about much.
But, when it comes to informational products (books, newsletters, membership sites, courses, yada yada yada) there’s a huge difference between buying these things and paying for them.… READ MORE

A story I tell sometimes when I speak at event is about how that guy is the reason I’m even in business.
Back when I was just starting out I wanted to quit so many times I could taste it.
Just one humiliating failure after another.… READ MORE

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