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Recently I put Misty the Ben Settle Show announcer chick on the hot seat.

(And recorded it.)

I took her main offer/sales letter and burned it.

Then, helped her rewrite it from scratch… from the ground up.

As she described it:

“’It's like he ripped me a new asshole and then pulled a new sales letter out of it’ ^^ my closing reaction to a 90 minute sales letter teaching session with Ben Settle For the purposes of teaching, and massive conversion, I volunteered my sales letter as tribute. I let Ben burn it to the ground only to watch him summon it from the dead like a Phoenix from the ashes. From my sales letters charred remains, he created an irresistible offer that only a crazy lady would turn down. I might even frame it. Jonathan Rivera weighed in too and made sure to record this totally raw podcast episode for your listening pleasure.”

Anyway,  the first part of that recording is now live.

And, I show you perhaps the easiest way ever invented to write a story for your ads.

Enjoy the carnage…

Ben Settle

P.S. During this 4-part series you’ll have a chance to get my re-released “Copy Slacker” product at a huge discount. Make sure you listen carefully if you want to get your greedy, sweaty little hands on it for $200 off.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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