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It’s not talked about much.

But, when it comes to informational products (books, newsletters, membership sites, courses, yada yada yada) there’s a huge difference between buying these things and paying for them.

If you pay for these things, you’re a chump.

If you buy these things, you’re a champ.

And, I’ll prove it to you right now:

One of my most prized possessions in my marketing library is Gary Bencivenga’s $5k “farewell” seminar on DVD. I bought that bad-boy in early 2008. And, I have gone through it 27 times (for some sick reason, I keep count, even though it’s completely unnecessary and probably borderline OCD). It stung forking over the $5k for that at the time. But, I can trace hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales of my products and millions of dollars (collectively) in sales in my client’s income (when I did client work) to the info that course.

I still go through it a lot.

And, I still profit immensely from it.

Thus, I bought that course I didn't pay for it.

On the other hand:

If I’d purchased that course, laid out the $5k, and did what probably 90% of online marketers do these days with info products — where I just sit on it, maybe flip through it every now and then, but then flit off to the next BSO for another exciting new-purchase dopamine drip… and made nothing from it, got zero benefit from it, and basically give it the same value as I would a door stop as a result… I would have paid for it and not bought it.

Paying for it would have made me a chump.

Buying it though, has made me a champ (at the stuff I sell).

Again, hardly anyone talks about this.

(It’s against an info product seller’s interest, including mine, after all, to speak of it.)

But, it’s a fact.

And, there are much deeper ramification to this fact, and many benefits to be had from people who understand this fact that we talk about on today’s Ben Settle Show podcast.

This buying vs paying is one of the next batch of “Email Players rules” on today’s show.

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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