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True story:
I know a girl who always ends up with these guys that she always describes as “douche bags.” At the same time, I’ve seen her go through a parade of good, decent guys who want a good girl and want to treat a girl right and all that.… READ MORE

If you have the boring personality of an amoeba in your marketing, then today’s “Ben Settle Show” will change that lickety split.
Producer Jonathan and I rap about:
* The best free education on how to be entertaining you can find anywhere.READ MORE

In this 89th “Ben Settle Show” episode, we rap about:
* Exactly what to say when you call a cold lead so they (1) listen to every word you say (2) don’t dare interrupt you and (3) feel lucky to even be able to buy from you.READ MORE

This week’s Ben Settle Show podcast demolishes the silly idea that people buy on price, and how to turn low price-shoppers into high price buyers.
Specifically, Producer Jonathan and I rap about:
* The best way to overcome price resistance when trying to get new clients.READ MORE

Back in June, I wrote an email that disturbed some people.
It was about a guy who bought my product then immediately (after one issue) said he got enough info and do I have anything else to sell him. I then wrote an email talking about how it reminded me of something my Wing Chun Sifu told me.… READ MORE

In this week’s enlightening “Ben Settle Show” podcast, we rap about:

Why using testimonials in your ads can hurt your sales.
A direct response design “no no” that can make you a ton more sales.READ MORE

In today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast we pontificate about:

The dangers of blindly following whatever your favorite goo-roo (or guru) says.
Why putting an order phone number (not URL) can sometimes increase your sales depending on what you’re selling and who you’re selling to.READ MORE

In today’s depressing (not really) “Ben Settle Show” episode:

Robert Downey Jr’s guide to creating a lifestyle where stress doesn’t bother you.
How being out of “balance” (emotionally, psychologically, professionally, physically, etc) puts your company, health, and even your very life in danger.… READ MORE

In today’s “Ben Settle Show” Producer Jonathan and I yet again plunge our sparkling clean hands into the filth of what I call “dull unpolished objects”.
Here’s what’s inside:

Who my favorite all-time copywriter is (and why it matters).… READ MORE

Today’s “Ben Settle Show” is round two of my political views.
Like last time, there’s nary any actual business, marketing, selling, etc tips in sight. It’s just little ol’ elBenbo’s thoughts on such things as:

Abortion (I broach this fun subject once again)
Minimum wage
Hate crimes
And, we even touch on feminism a bit — but not too much, as I’m saving that particular treat of a topic for its own show in the future

Anyway, a merry time was had by all.… READ MORE

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