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This week’s podcast is a bit of an experiment.
It’s a look at how I think, work, and come up with loads of email ideas when writing ads, as I dissect one of Producer Jonathan’s sales letters live, on the air.… READ MORE

This week’s podcast episode is all about the law of repulsion (NOTE TO SELF: I should trademark that term before all the wannaBen’s start over using it to death…).

How Rick Rubin (the famous music producer) uses the law of repulsion to turn his clients into superstars.READ MORE

Let me ask you a question.
Have you ever dealt with someone you thought was honest, ethical
and an all around “straight shooter”…only to find he (or she)
fleeced you of something valuable—like your money, love, trust
or some kind of private information?… READ MORE

Several years ago a guy named Frank Miller created a comic book
called “Sin City”—a dark and gritty comic book with lots of
violence, crime and action.
As is always the case when a popular new “style” emerges in a
business, the comic book industry became glutted with imitations.… READ MORE

One of the worst things you can do for sales is this:
Create Frankenstein copy.
This is where you “stitch” your ads together by taking a
headline from one ad, a close from another, a bullet point from
another, etc.… READ MORE

Ten years ago I met an 8-figure copywriter named Ken.
And while Ken is not a “name” copywriter, he’s probably the best copywriter (and copywriting teacher) you never heard of.
For example:
His ads have gotten “fan mail” from guys like Gary Bencivenga (billed “the greatest living copywriter”) and the late Marty Edelston (founder of one of the biggest direct mail houses in the world, who worked with and even “discovered” many of the best copywriters in the billion dollar direct mail industry).… READ MORE

This week’s “Ben Settle Show” reveals:

The secret of the $5 milkshake.
What the world’s greatest copywriting coach tells prospective clients when they ask him about price.
How businesses and freelancers foolishly talk themselves out of getting paid what they and their products are really worth.… READ MORE

Today’s Ben Settle Show outlines my 9-step process for building a big, thriving business (or just make enough money to quit your job or not need a job) by using doo-bags.
There’s virtually no competition.… READ MORE

On today’s “Ben Settle Show”, Producer Jonathan & I banter about:

A “counterintuitive” way to get more sales, even from people who are dead set against buying from you. (This sales technique has been used for thousands of years, and it works like crazy online today.)
The single most profitable marketing/sales lesson you’ll ever learn (best part: you can see it free, online).READ MORE

Today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast reveals:

How people did direct marketing back in the Great Depression— when nobody had any money and there was no easy online ordering, credit card ordering, or phone ordering.READ MORE

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