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Producer Jonathan and Yours Truly cover yet another 7 “Email Players rules” on today’s Ben Settle Show podcast extravaganza.

How to position yourself in your market (especially if you sell a service) so people gladly pay you more, give you more respect, and take your advice often without argument or resistance.READ MORE

Today’s “Ben Settle Show” shows you how to tell the difference between the wheat and the tares online, including:

Why you can’t trust people who cry publicly. (Unless they do this one thing we talk about on the show.)
The #1 most powerful (and profitable) attribute a business person and marketer can have… and why people who have this trait should be watched like hawks before giving them your time, money, or even your contact information.… READ MORE

This ultra short (just 8 minutes) “Ben Settle Show” podcast episode, Producer Jonathan and Yours Truly dance with you on the floor of what I call The Goo-roo Casino.
There’s a trick casinos play on people.… READ MORE

Producer Jonathan and I get down and dirty rapping about the so-called “law of reciprocity” in this week’s Ben Settle Show podcast.
Here’s a little taste of what’s inside:

A secret way of “arranging” it so when people buy your first product, they immediately and automatically (no sales pitch even necessary in many cases) buy your second, third, fourth, and future products.… READ MORE

Today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast talks about the difference between business cards and bid’niz (biz’niz, used interchangeably, my droogie) cards.

What to tell someone who asks you for your business card.… READ MORE

This special “Ben Settle Show” podcast episode reveals my advice to an aspiring novelist on how to get started writing a novel, and some tricks for making it go smoothly.
Specifically, we rap about:

An unusual way to use the number 7 to plot your novels (learned from the book “A Clockwork Orange”).READ MORE

This week’s “Ben Settle Show” zooms in on Producer Jonathan and I talking about one of my favorite movies and how it can make you more sales, give you more peace of mind, and grant you power over other people.… READ MORE

Today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast sends the grammar nazis out into the streets weeping & gnashing their teeth.
Producer Jonathan and I rap about:

Why the old school copywriters purposely misspelled words in their ads.READ MORE

This week’s “Ben Settle Show” covers the next 7 Email Players rules.

A mental “shift” that’ll instantly force you stop giving power and attention to losers, haters, and nay-sayers trying to bring you down.READ MORE

Today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast shares the mic with Kevin Rogers—stand up comic, copy chief, and founder of one of the most helpful resources for copywriters (and clients) on ye olde Internet.… READ MORE

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