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How to hunt and slay “Time Vampires”
In today’s not-so-creepy “Ben Settle Show” podcast we rap about Dan Kennedy’s “Time Vampires”… and identify several types that are skimming the shadows looking to suck you dry of every drop of time you possess.… READ MORE

On this special Easter Sunday “Ben Settle Show” Producer Jonathan and I show you the foolishness and self-destruction caused by being “nice.”
Here’s a taste of the meanness inside:

Why you should kill your inner nice guy “execution style” ASAP.READ MORE

In this week’s “Ben Settle Show” my Facebook advertising guy Shane Hunter walks us through some of his advanced Facebook ad secrets, such as:

What a “pattern interrupt” is… and how to use them to get a ton more clicks on your Facebook ads.READ MORE

In today’s “meat & potatoes” Ben Settle Show, Producer Jonathan and I wrestle over such complicated concepts as:

Why a certain 8-figure business studies my business model.
Why I don’t take coaching students on (with one exception)… and why you wouldn’t want to be a coaching student of mine anyway.… READ MORE

In this “timely” Ben Settle Show podcast, we reveal…

A secret website I write a column for that is a brilliant example of infotainment.
Why it’s always the man’s fault. (I blame men for everything, even when it’s not our fault, and here’s why…)
Why you must pay yourself first if you ever want to achieve financial independence.READ MORE

On this week’s “Ben Settle Show”, Producer Jonathan and I argue, fight, and insult each other over such important topics as:

Why the law of reciprocity is bull crap.
Why a man should never buy a girl dinner on a first date.… READ MORE

Today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast reveals:

How to use free YouTube videos to get marketers with giant lists to JV with you. (Or, at the very least, email you back and be open to hearing from you.)
How to use an ordinary ball to get almost anyone’s attention you want.… READ MORE

Today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast is packed with fun, politically correct, and 100% non-offensive info.
Like, for example:

If you’re a guy, what it probably means if people who love you don’t want to hang out with you.READ MORE

Here’s what’s in today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast:

3 ways to make haters look dumb when they comment on your posts.
The power of bringing a bazooka to a knife fight.
A weird thing some girls do when they flirt with guys.READ MORE

On today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast:

The single worst way ever invented for starting an email. (Producer Jonathan winced out loud when I gave an example of this. It’s embarrassing even reading emails that start this way.)
Why it’s silly to worry about email opt-outs.… READ MORE

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