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Today’s “Ben Settle Show” gets old school sales on your azz.
We reveal:

What to tell someone who complains your product is too expensive.

How to make more sales by not letting people buy.

How door-to-door salesmen would sell expensive products to hostile prospects who are annoyed at their presence.READ MORE

Today’s “Ben Settle Show” reveals my political views on:

Abortion (ooh)




Big government



The poor


A merry time will be had by all.
Ben Settle… READ MORE

In this 1-year “Ben Settle Show” milestone episode we discuss:

How to quickly position yourself as a leader (and not just another “expert”) in your market. (People listen to experts, but follow leaders, guess which one effortlessly attracts more sales…)

How to remove any sales-killing desperation or neediness from your voice, writing, and marketing.… READ MORE

On this week’s “Ben Settle Show”, we rap about:

How being dirt broke gives you an advantage when learning a new skill. (If you’re hurting for money—Good! Your learning curve will be even faster if you follow my advice.)

The problem with people who spend $10k per month on books, trainings, and seminars.… READ MORE

On this golden delicious 50th podcast episode we rap about:
* The single most valuable personality attribute you can develop. (For business, negotiation, selling, marketing, personal relationships, friendships—every aspect of your life.READ MORE

Today’s mind-bogglingly original podcast is for people who struggle with writing, or writers who are looking to take their game to the next level.
Here’s a taste of what’s inside:
* How to make your writing interesting and fun—100% of the time.READ MORE

This week’s “Ben Settle Show” is for chicks.
Specifically, chicks who are doing online dating and want the ancient mysteries of how to weed out the jackanape guys and only deal with successful, high value guys.… READ MORE

Today’s “Ben Settle Show” is for lonely and single dudes who haunt online dating sites.
Here’s what’s inside:
* A magic word (used by one of the world’s top dating coaches on his profile) that is “tastefully” seductive.READ MORE

On this week’s “Ben Settle Show” episode, special guest Troy White and I reveal:
* Why hardcore entrepreneurs tend to attract batshit crazy women.
* What copywriters should tell their woman to do when she nags and complains to him while he’s trying to work.… READ MORE

This week’s life-changing super duper, double top secret probation “Ben Settle Show” podcast episode reveals:
* 4 “magic” words that can take all the awkwardness out of negotiating price.READ MORE

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