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This week’s “Ben Settle Show” is for chicks.

Specifically, chicks who are doing online dating and want the ancient mysteries of how to weed out the jackanape guys and only deal with successful, high value guys.

Producer Jonathan and I also rap about:

* How the “soul mate” myth keeps good, attractive, and pleasant women perpetually single or dating guys who treat them like crap.

* A common mistake a lot of hot women online make that turns successful and confident men off instantly. (I am not sure who is teaching hot women to do this, but it’s not only dumb, it pretty much guarantees they’ll end up with a cat and a Match account at 55-years old instead of a good man and stability.)

* The single best (and fastest) way for a good woman to find a good man.

* The #1 mistake women make when trying to find a good man online.

* What it really means when a woman says “there are no good men out there.” (Chicks hate hearing this, but the truth is like nasty tasting medicine—you just gotta boob up and drink it, otherwise you’ll never get well.)

* The first thing good women should do before even wasting their time with online dating.

* What high value, successful men want from a woman. (Fact: in 99 out of 100 cases online, women are selling what we ain’t buying. Here’s how to change that.)

* How having a Masters Degree and being well-traveled can sometimes hurt a woman’s chances of attracting a successful man. (Nothing to do with being intimidated or any other silly reasons the rationalization hamster cooks up—it’s simple biology, as we explain on the show.)

* The “MySpace” mistake a lot of women make online that gets them ignored.

* How to spin your flaws into reasons for men to want to date you.

* What women should never lie about on an online profile. (She can probably get away with a little exaggerating and spin, but doing this “unforgivable sin” pretty much guarantees a guy stands you up and ignores you forever.)

* How social media is killing girls’ chances of finding quality men to date. (Almost nobody talks about this sinister aspect of social media, but we do.)

* A powerful marketing tactic that works great for getting lots of high quality customers in business, but destroy’s a woman’s chances of finding a decent guy online. (If a woman is a savvy marketer and she’s doing this online, she’s pretty much shooting herself in the foot and will probably only end up dating the dregs of society.)

* And mucho more…

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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