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On this golden delicious 50th podcast episode we rap about:

* The single most valuable personality attribute you can develop. (For business, negotiation, selling, marketing, personal relationships, friendships—every aspect of your life. People who have this tend to get anything they want. Here’s how you can start developing it starting today.)

* Why even ultra talented people often have zero influence over others.

* How to make weak converting videos more persuasive.

* The #1 worst thing you can do when trying to sell someone something. (Whether it’s a product, a service, or even to opt in to your free list. Yet almost 100% of online marketers do this. Simply stop doing it and watch your profits soar—fast. Just do this…)

* How to make being persuasive as easy & natural as driving.

* A mindset “tweak” that can make you magnetically attractive to customers, clients, and, yes even the opposite sex. (No other changes are necessary—just the way you think.)

* The Dr. Atkins secret to creating near magical results in your business. (Do this and watch your audience quickly grow, your influence expand, and, yes, your sales explode.)

* A disturbingly common thing a lot of online marketers (especially copywriters and service providers) do that guarantees people look down on you, disrespect you, and pay you as little as possible. (Are you making this mistake? Chances are, yes, you are. But you can stop—and watch your fees, sales, and profits rise as a result, starting today.)

* The world’s most feared negotiator’s secret to never being needy. (Even if you’re desperate and really do need someone’s money, job, or attention.)

* Why even super talented copywriters struggle keeping clients.

* When you MUST ignore a person, client, or customer.

* How ignoring someone affects their brain.

* How to use the power of ignoring people to be more persuasive.

* And a ho’ bunch mo’…

The info in this episode is probably the most valuable information I’ve ever shared anywhere, at any time, for any price.

Now you can learn it—free.

And, it only takes 22-minutes to listen to.

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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