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How to hunt and slay “Time Vampires”

In today’s not-so-creepy “Ben Settle Show” podcast we rap about Dan Kennedy’s “Time Vampires”… and identify several types that are skimming the shadows looking to suck you dry of every drop of time you possess.

For example:

  • The Debating Dracula
  • Bride of Debating Dracula
  • The Phone Calling Count Chokula
  • The “Be Right Back” Barnabas Collins
  • The Always-Late Lestat
  • The Nagging Nosferatu
  • And… The Count Of Chronic Texting

But that ain’t all, Van Helsing.

We also rap about:

  • The exact best place and time to have a meeting that (1) ends fast (2) hits all the agenda points (3) scares the hell out of Time Vampires.
  • What day (and time) Time Vampires are especially abundant on Facebook.
  • Why anti-freedom to bear arms activists are sick in the head.
  • Why a Time Vampire’s bite is more destructive than a blood-sucking vampire’s bite. (And why they’re even more seductive and persuasive.)
  • Why you could have Time Vampires on your team and not even know it…
  • The anti-time management “Uber syndrome” that plagues online marketers. (My ex-copywriting apprentice recently witnessed a half dozen IMer’s waiting 20+ minutes to save a few bucks on Uber when there was a cab waiting right in front of them. Somewhere a Time Vampire smiled a fanged grin at that one…)
  • 3 ways to slay the Time Vampires.
  • And a ho’ bunch more…

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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