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In today’s podcast we wrap up the first 70 “Email Players” rules.
We talk about:

How to wisely (and ethically) use “hype” to side-step lagging attention spans.
Why credibility is only the second most important thing in email marketing (hardly anyone talks about the #1 thing and it costs them lots of sales).READ MORE

Good night nurse, we finally done made it.
Today marks the 100th “Ben Settle Show” podcast (nobody is as surprised we made it this far than me and Producer Jonathan) where we answered questions live, and on the spot (no safety net).… READ MORE

Several months ago someone on Flakebook asked their friends what podcasts they listen to and why.
I am not friends with this particular bloke.
But, one of my podcast listeners tagged me in the comments.
(A cool thing for him to do, I might add.)
So I click over there to see what’s going on… and right under the comment recommending my show some chick goes (paraphrased) “I tried listening to Ben’s podcast but all he did was talk about Jesus and the Bible”
(Something like that, you get the gist.)
Which is kind of amusing.… READ MORE

Today’s controversy-free Ben Settle Show podcast episode reveals:
* The real reason why single chicks love to own cats. (And why investing in cat supply companies could be one of the best investments someone can make in the next 20 years.)
* A fast and simple way to eliminate the anxiety of finding a new market to sell to.… READ MORE

Today’s Ben Settle Show is about dealing with low class jackasses, including:
* What to do when a low class jackass client starts adding extra work and duties you didn’t both agree to when he hired you, and even holds your second payment you’re still owed over your head.READ MORE

On today’s podcast, we rap about such lovely pretty things as:
* How to turn haters into your biggest fans. (Including a real life example of a well-known Internet marketer who once hated me until I “flipped” him to my side.)
* Why your relationship with your woman is almost certainly about to end if you see her furiously angry at another man.… READ MORE

Today Producer Jonathan and I pontificate on 7 more “fan favorite” Email Players rules, including:
* How to profit more from having fewer customers than lots of customers.
* Reasons why I don’t mail for affiliate launches anymore.READ MORE

This week’s podcast is all about my favorite email resources (free and paid) that can put many more rupees in your hot little piggy bank, including:
* The “grand puba” of alllllllll email marketing trainings.READ MORE

We got lots of persuasion lovin’ on today’s Ben Settle Show podcast.
* The dirt simple persuasion formula used by one of the single best “A List” copywriters in the game today. (It’s so friggin’ simple, most people scoff.)
* The only website designer and coder I’ve ever hired who (1) knows what he’s doing with direct response marketing and (2) isn’t a complete flake.… READ MORE

In this magic 92nd podcast episode Producer Jonathan and I get down ’n dirty about when and why you should (and when and why you shouldn’t) track email opens rates.
Here’s a taste of what’s on this episode:
* Why tracking email opens for most people is about as useful as tracking website “hits” (which is an acronym for “how idiots track success”).READ MORE

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