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On today’s podcast, we rap about such lovely pretty things as:

* How to turn haters into your biggest fans. (Including a real life example of a well-known Internet marketer who once hated me until I “flipped” him to my side.)

* Why your relationship with your woman is almost certainly about to end if you see her furiously angry at another man.

* How to dump your girlfriend without lying, cheating, or hurting her feelings… and, do it in a way where she won’t burn your house down or be mad at you. (Warning: This is a one-way door relationship “escape hatch” — use it wisely…)

* My favorite Facebook group — even though I’ve never visited it, joined it, or read a single post from it.

* Why it’s a waste of time to try to “jump start” a relationship with a girl who has gone cold on you.

* Why indifference is the death of your marketing… and what the book of Revelation says about how to not be indifferent.

* The single most important lesson elBenbo can ever impart on you. (If you threw out everything you ever heard in the last 95 Ben Settle Show episodes and JUST applied this you’d be 100% fine financially, professionally, and socially for the rest of your life. This tip is advanced “game” in business, relationships, career building, and all of life. Ignore it at your peril…)

* Why so many men struggle to get respect, love, friendship, and even significance in the past 50 years… and how to get all those things in spades starting today.

* The cartoon secret to creating a unique personal brand people love to hate or hate to love.

* How 2 Pac created a persona that outlived him… and how you can do the same thing.

* The Donald Trump secret to making sure you’re never indifferent to people.

* A social media expert everyone in marketing should follow if you don’t want to be indifferent. (You can learn more about how create a brand, make a ton of sales, and lead your market using just Twitter each day than you can from practically any of today’s other social media gurus).

* The chilling reason why you should never argue with feminists on Twitter if you live in Canada. (Unless you want to get tossed in jail just for disagreeing with their opinion…)

* What a “social justice warrior” is… and why so many are sociopaths to be avoided.

* Why you should never apologize to ding bat social justice warriors. (A leading Nobel Prize winner in physiology learned this the hard way, as his entire career got yanked out from under him in a blink of an eye, just for apologizing for something he didn’t need to apologize for.)

* And the list goes on and on and awwwwn…

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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