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In this magic 92nd podcast episode Producer Jonathan and I get down ’n dirty about when and why you should (and when and why you shouldn’t) track email opens rates.

Here’s a taste of what’s on this episode:

* Why tracking email opens for most people is about as useful as tracking website “hits” (which is an acronym for “how idiots track success”).

* Why the silly myth that more opens automatically equals more sales is harder to kill than a vampire. (To make sure this myth dies, Producer Jonathan and I decided to stake, behead, and stuff this myth’s mouth with garlic just to be sure its dead.)

* Computer scientists and engineers who laugh at marketers who think they’re “scientifically” testing emails.

* An “inconvenient truth” about just how unreliable email open rates are that recently came to light int the news about Apple Computer.

* Why even spammers who get obscenely high opens still get few sales.

* The 4 times when you SHOULD definitely test open rates.

* A secret way of using open rates to come up with super profitable product titles.

* What to check if your open rates suddenly drop out of the blue.

* A little-known way to use open rates to wipe out spam complaints. (I learned this from a guy who has a 2 million+ list, if you’re really worried about spam complaints do this and watch them drop like a politician’s pants at a brothel.)

* The single best way to (1) reduce spam complaints to near nothing and (2) get people actually *thanking* you for sending them pitches by email.

* What producer Jonathan tracks in his emails that is far more important than opens, clicks, and, yes, even sales. (If you do this your sales will go up anyway.)

Anyway, a merry time was had by all.

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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