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Today’s Ben Settle Show is about dealing with low class jackasses, including:

* What to do when a low class jackass client starts adding extra work and duties you didn’t both agree to when he hired you, and even holds your second payment you’re still owed over your head.

* What to do when a low class jackass customer insists he’s entitled to more of your time, content, or energy than agreed upon.

* A scene from the movie “The Dark Knight Rises” every single business owner should watch and learn from as far as how to deal with high-paying low class jackass clients and customers who disrespect you, but think it’s okay because they paid you so much money.

* The real reason the Republican establishment hates Donald Trump.

* A mathematical “formula” for ensuring you get the best clients and customers at the best prices (regardless of what business you’re in or what you sell).

* Why I have more respect for Marvel’s Loki character than any of today’s politicians.

* A sneaky trick low class jackass clients try to pull on copywriters and other service providers.

* The exact best time to fire a low class jackass client if you realize you’re working for one.

* How to develop your very own “spider sense” to detect low class jackass people.

* Why you have to constantly check even the good, non-low class jackass vendors, clients, and customers.

* The best way for copywriters to be paid that insulates you from the chaos of low class jackasses.

* How men give up all their power to women (making both sexes miserable as a result).

* What to do when girls you want play games with your time, flake on you, and act indifferent to you.

* And more, more, more…

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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