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Good night nurse, we finally done made it.

Today marks the 100th “Ben Settle Show” podcast (nobody is as surprised we made it this far than me and Producer Jonathan) where we answered questions live, and on the spot (no safety net).

Here’s a list of 19 things we rapped about:

1. An old MLM trick that lets newbie freelance copywriters make money without even having any paid clients.

2. An inexpensive pill you can get on Amazon without a prescription for shrinking man boobs, soothing prostate problems, and almost having the sex drive of a teenager again. (Nothing to do with marketing or selling, but it came up — so to speak — and so we talk about it briefly.)

3. Two things you can say to your wife or girlfriend if she’s getting too chatty and you want her to shut up so you can have some peace. (Again, nothing to do with marketing, but… let’s face it, what guy doesn’t want to know this?)

4. How to find your own voice and style of writing copy, and not sound like just another Internet marketing hack.

5. One thing a copywriter can do to stick out from all the other copywriters. (Nope, it's not having the best portfolio, it's not being the best networker, and it's not even being the best ‘writer’ — but this one thing I used to do got me hired by a prominent marketer, even though I had less talent and less of a track record than many others he could have hired).

6. What to tell clients who are on the fence about hiring you.

7. What really scares women away from podcasts and emails. (Two chick callers both said this, and it goes against what every mush cookie on the planet thinks and assumes.)

8. Why so many people with “expert” status and positioning are broke and angry because nobody listens to them.

9. An almost unbelievably accurate way to know if your ads will be successful without running a single test.

10. Best way to promote a book if you want it to become a #1 New York times best seller.

11. The best free source of website traffic (that’s more buyers than mere browsers) you can ever get.

12. How to get peoples' hands (literally) shaking as they type their credit card in the shopping cart because they want your product so badly.

13. What to do to your book titles to make them go “viral.” (This secret was used to create two of the most profitable book titles of all time.)

14. How to “manipulate” your brain chemicals (without surgery) to change from having an opportunity mindset to an investor mindset.

15. Why so many bad products online get “evangelized” by customers as being good.

16. The 2-step formula I use (and have been paid thousands of dollars to do for others) to name products.

17. The world’s most feared negotiator’s secret to never being boring in your marketing.

18. Why being a peaceful person can keep you broke, frustrated, and held back from reaching your goals and true potential.

19. The best survey question to ask in an email to find out exactly what people want to buy.

And a HO bunch MO…

This sucker is packed with info.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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