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If you have the boring personality of an amoeba in your marketing, then today’s “Ben Settle Show” will change that lickety split.

Producer Jonathan and I rap about:

* The best free education on how to be entertaining you can find anywhere.

* Why entertainment is the #1 thing you can infuse into your marketing. (In today’s celebrity-obsessed culture the average marketer who’s entertaining can wipe the floor with the “master” marketer who’s not. Here’s how.)

* A secret way to inject social commentary and politics in your marketing so your list eagerly looks forward to hearing from you (even if they disagree with your views).

* The right (and wrong) way to be self deprecating in your marketing. (Do it right, and people will love you and cheerfully buy from you… do it wrong and they’ll feel sorry for you and never buy anything except out of pity.)

* How NOT to talk about your personal life in your marketing. (If you do this, you’ll simply depress your list. Do what we rap about on this show, instead, and watch your sales soar.)

* Why Radiohead fans are so self loathing (and how it can affect your marketing if you listen to their music).

* Why well made movies with the best actors and stories bomb at the box office (and how knowing this can add rupees to your piggy bank).

* If you’re super wealthy, how to communicate with your list so they still feel like “you’re one of them.”

* How to take power away from your critics (so they look like idiots instead of you).

* And, yes, a ho bunch mo’.

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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