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This week’s Ben Settle Show podcast demolishes the silly idea that people buy on price, and how to turn low price-shoppers into high price buyers.

Specifically, Producer Jonathan and I rap about:

* The best way to overcome price resistance when trying to get new clients. (Just say these exact words at the beginning of the conversation and price resistance will vanish.)

* Why I go out of my way to say my products are expensive.

* What to tell someone you’re trying to sell to who keeps rudely interrupting you asking about the price.

* Who Art Jonak is, and why everyone (especially people in MLM) should be studying his teachings.

* The only 3 reasons why people buy a product or service. (And price ain’t one of them.)

* Why even “poor” people don’t buy on price.

* Why the 1985 Yugo is the perfect example of why nobody really buys on price.

* Why even broke people buy $4 coffees instead of making coffee at home for 15 cents.

* What to tell someone who complains about price to you.

* And a ho bunch more…

Ben Settle

P.S. Today is also the debut of the show’s new announcer babe Misty Mozejko.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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