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Would you take persuasion advice from a felon?

As in, someone who was in 9 different prisons (state and fed)… was often the only white guy in the place in the south and much smaller than most of the other prisoners inside… with prison guards so ruthless they kicked a legless prisoner down some stairs just for shitz & giggles? Would you like to know how he used nothing but quick wits and persuasion skill to talk his way out of getting his ass beaten (and worse…) even after he was let out of prison and was talking smack to everyone on his way out only to be told it was a mistake and they tossed him back in with the very people he was mocking?

Think someone like that could make your marketing better?

Your sales arguments stronger?

Your bank account plumper?

Then check ye out today’s Ben Settle Show podcast.

I don’t do a lot of interviews (I hate having guests on), but I made an exception for my pal Ryan Stewman — convicted felon, bestselling sales author of 3 books, and the man other top sales people call “the hardcore closer”.

His is a fascinating story.

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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