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In today’s podcast we wrap up the first 70 “Email Players” rules.

We talk about:

* How to wisely (and ethically) use “hype” to side-step lagging attention spans.

* Why credibility is only the second most important thing in email marketing (hardly anyone talks about the #1 thing and it costs them lots of sales).

* Arguably the single best movie ever made for would-be entrepreneurs and business school students to watch before spending a single penny getting started.

* What copywriters working on commission need to be aware of.

* When never to get involved in a joint venture — even if the person your JV’ing with is honest as the day is long and has no intention of screwing you over. (I wasted over a ever of my life with nothing to show for it that I can never get back not knowing this.)

* Why I don’t segment my list but insist on everyone else segmenting theirs.

* The dangers of trying to “reverse engineer” marketing and copywriting systems instead of just paying for them.

* The big mastermind group lesson I learned while eating lunch with Brian Kurtz (former Executive VP of Boardroom, Inc).

* How you’re hurting your leads, customers, and clients by not emailing them daily.

* The dead comedian’s counter-intuitive guide for keeping good people in your life. (Clients, customers, friends, girlfriend, etc.)

* And lots more…

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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