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Lend me your ears for a second.

Recently I was having a conversation with my ex-copywriting apprentice about podcasts. Even though I’ve hosted a podcast for 2 years and 107 shows… I hardly ever listen to other podcasts. Maybe once in a while I do, but it’s rare. And so I asked her how good (or bad) some of these other podcasts are she listens to.

“They suck,” she said.

“They’re that awful?”

“Yes, especially the ones where they’re interviewing someone. They are painful to listen to. I don’t get why people don’t interview more like you do on your podcasts!”

And so the conversation went.

Apparently, there are people who don’t know how to interview.


And, so, I vowed to my ex-copywriting apprentice I would do my part to help the podcasting community by teaching not only how to conduct interviews that get people lost in an almost “trance” like state (literally)… but, if you’re selling something (as an affiliate, etc), you’ll get a ton more sales, too.

How can I be so obnoxiously arrogant about this?

Because I know what I’m doing with this, my little droogie.

I’ve been doing audio interviews since almost before the term “podcast” was invented… and I learned directly from studying the best (like Michael Senoff — who’s been selling with interviews for almost as long as the Internet has been around, and Paul Hartunian who is the king of selling his own products on professional radio shows, for example) for years.

And, I’ve made a pretty penny doing it, too.

Like when we sold Ken McCarthy’s copywriting course on my podcast last July.

We nabbed $28 per click.

Yes, email had a lot to do with that, but so did the interview, and techniques I use to draw info out of people, etc.

Anyway, so that’s what today’s new podcast is all about:

How to interview and make sales.

If you do podcasting, this (free) episode can put more smackola in your hot little hand than probably some of the paid courses you’re buying. (And if you have clients, you can use the exact same techniques to draw a ton more info out them during research.)

A bold claim?

You be the judge, Fonzy.

It’s free to listen to, and will only take 24 minutes:

Word out.

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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