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Let me tell you a lil’ ditty about pounding out emails.

Several years ago, one of my business partners at the time wanted to challenge elBenbo to a game of wits. He wanted to know if I was “for real” with this whole email shin-dig, and wanted to test me on it.

So, here’s what he did:

He wrote out 21 random life situations and said “turn each into an email.”

I looked at his list, snickered at how easy it would be, and proceeded to rattle off an email theme/idea/story for each of his silly little situations. It took me about 4 minutes. And, I wrote them all down and packaged them into a product (a product you can buy via my podcast website or as a 1-click upsell to “Email Players”).

He’s not the only one to throw down that gauntlet neither.

Many a person has tried to “get” me on this.

Including, yes, my ex-copywriting apprentice once.

In her case, we were at a McDonalds and saw some trash in the corner. She had just gotten a client who owns a salon mall. She goes:

“Okay a-hole, turn THAT into an email!”

“Apprentice, please,” I replied.

(I might have said “bitch, please” but I can't remember…)

And proceeded to turn that ordinary piece of trash — within about 8 seconds of her laying down the challenge — into a hard hitting email designed to get sales.


You don't really think she called me an a-hole?

Maybe you're right.

But, it was the *tone*…

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes, the challenge.

So for fun, I thought it’d be kinda interesting to have Producer Jonathan on the air (without me prepping him for it) make me the same challenge, with no safety net or do-overs. We went through some random parts of his day, he said “turn that into an email if you think you’re so smart…” and I proceeded to do just that.

And that, my little fledging, is what today’s podcast is.

How to turn ordinary events/situations into profitable emails.

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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