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True story:

Waaaaay back in 2008 I bought Gary Bencivenga’s Farewell Seminar DVD’s where he revealed all his secrets. I was, of course, blown away by it. In fact, it had such an impact on my copywriting and overall business & marketing philosophies, I just had to send him (and his wife, Pauline) an email telling them how much it meant having it.

Yes, dear one, I was in fanboy mode.

Gushing my little copywriting fanboy heart out.

So grateful to possess that product and learn from the master.

Anyway, to my amazement, he emailed me back with a note about how he had long enjoyed my site.

And, how he was sending me a little gift by mail.

(I have since learned he does this often, such is his class.)

But, he didn’t say exactly what he was sending.

Just that it was a slender little volume his mentor (advertising legend David Ogilvy) said had changed his life and urged all his employees to read at least once per year. A few days later, a 32-page pamphlet-like book arrived in my mailbox called:

“Obvious Adams”

What the heck is “Obvious Adams”?

It’s a short story about an advertising man who was not the best or most skilled copywriter… but whose ads were ultra successful simply because he knew how to spot the “obvious” solutions to problems.

It’s an absolutely fascinating read, too.

And, it teaches a special kind of “mindset.”

A mindset you won’t find in other copywriting books.

(Or any other business books, for that matter.)

Plus, even though it was published waaaaay back in 1916, it’s just as relevant (hellz, even MORE relevant) today — 100 years later.

Bottom line?

This is a great little book.

It’s been endorsed by some of history’s greatest advertising minds, eliminates much of the anxiety that comes with direct marketing, and, if you apply its wisdom, you can’t help but write better ads or emails, and have a much more profitable business all the rest of your days.

And guess what?

In today’s Ben Settle Show I go through it and pull the most profitable lessons out of it right before your righteous ears.


The lessons that have made me the most sales over the years.

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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