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In today's “Ben Settle Show” we reveal…

* Why the customer is never right (ever).

* How “moving the free line” insults customers and kills sales.

* An ancient Babylonian secret for tripling the speed at which you build your business in just 1 hour per day. (After doing this, it only took 6 months to be completely client-free, here's all I did…)

* The easiest way ever invented to get a fast (and potentially huge) short term bump in sales.

* Advice to old school direct mail copywriters struggling online.

* The “mistress management” secret for having an air-tight financially secure business.

* Dan Kennedy's secret mindset “tweak” for commanding more respect (and bigger fees) from clients.

* How to prevent serial refunders, thieves, copycats and any low class jackass customers from stealing your time, energy and money.

* How one of the world's top direct mail copywriters shops for cars.

* How Facebook steals guys' balls.

* Why being selfish makes people around you happy.

* And a ho' bunch more…

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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