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Today's Ben Settle Antipreneur show (our 6th episode) reveals:

* Why the “law of reciprocity” is a big pile of horse crap.

* How swiping makes you look like a fool to your own list. (A so-called “7-figure marketer” looked like an idiot to his own list
last year when he did this — if you are always clinging to “swipes” then chances are you're making this same mistake.)

* How to get people to buy from you even if they hate you.

* What “email infidelity” is… and how it kills sales.

* How the “founding father” of Internet marketing gains (and keeps) his list's trust. (Doing this let him win far more affiliate marketing contests in his day than any of his colleagues.)

* How to make your marketing “theft proof” from sociopaths.

* How I got a girl to want to lose weight even though she's in shape! (And how to use this method to make lots more sales with email. Yes, ol' elbenbo came out of his cave with a vengeance on this one… but, in my defense, old school Southern Baptists preachers do this all the time…)

* A popular “copywriting” book you should beware reading.

* What to say to girls who try to shame you. (Doing this will not only silence her on the spot but it'll probably turn her on, too…)

* And even some cool advanced email tips I haven't even revealed in “Email Players” yet.


Methinks I also got a wee bit too TMI.

Not just talking about chicks, but also talking in detail about my prostate gland… (listener discretion advised…)

The fun starts here:

Ben Settle

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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