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On today’s “Ben Settle Show” Producer Jonathan and I rap about the top 10 copywriting books, courses, and resources.

We also reveal:

* The #1 most important thing I learned studying Gary Bencivenga—the man who is universally considered the world’s greatest living copywriter. (Nope, it’s not using proof, it’s something far more important…)

* The dumb question people ask me that guarantees I will unsubscribe them from my list, forbid them from buying any of my products, or give them any knowledge whatsoever.

* The “other” Matt Furey email course (not his original—I have no idea how to find that one anymore, so don’t ask) that had a ginormous impact on my writing.

* Why you shouldn’t hang out with other copywriters while writing your ads.

* How the late (great) copywriter Gene Schwartz gave himself an instant advantage over his competitors—even copywriters who were probably better than him.

* When long copy will work against you.

* What copywriters can learn from taking Viagra that can save them a lot of time writing their ads.

* Where to buy “Breakthrough Advertising” if you can’t find it on amazon or ebay.

* The most famous direct mail copywriter you’ve probably never heard of… and the big copywriting lesson I learned from him.

* How to get a “crash course” in direct marketing for $9.95.

* The non-copywriting resource that can teach you more about writing pithy and tight copy than any other book, course, or resource I’ve ever seen.

* How to make yourself impervious to any would-be copywriting client’s shenanigans, games, or bullshit. (Doing this almost guarantees clients treat you with respect, pay you what you’re worth, and don’t try to screw you over.)

* A friendly warning to clients who mistreat copywriters and can’t understand why nobody with talent wants to work for them.

* The copywriting seminar that saved my business.

* And mucho mo’…

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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