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People don’t seem to understand the most basic laws of economics.

Add value => make money.

Steve Jobs said, “Don’t ask how can we do this better, ask how can we do it different!”

I was talking to a client, I ask what their point of difference is.

They say it’s their products, they have a rich library of superior training to the entire market. but everything they were doing was LIKE the rest of the market.

Better is subjective.

Who is to really say you are better or they are worse?

Solve a different challenge or have a new solution to an existing challenge.

Gmail came out, they offered 1GB…so “more”…but a few days later, everyone else was offering the same thing.

Why did Google thrive? Because of their philosophy, “We believe you should never have to delete email. You should keep it all and search it”. That’s why their system continues to increase your inbox capacity.

DIFFERENT, ok? Better too? Yep.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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