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In this anti-professional “Ben Settle Show” episode, Producer Jonathan and I natter on about:

* The one time it’s okay to kiss ass.

* Why being a “time whore” is basically like robbing yourself.

* How Dan Kennedy forces people to value his time (I once heard him say he only talks to people who are 80% “sold” on him before talking to them, here’s how he does it).

* How to make more sales by NOT letting people buy.

* How to deal with serial refunders (the blue flame specials who buy and refund ebooks over and over…)

* The dangers of imitating your favorite gurus.

* How to be successful if you have a repulsive personality.

* Dr. Atkins’ secret to being wildly successful even if everyone thinks you’re full of crap about whatever you teach.

* A warning to clients who screw copywriters over.

* Clients I forbid my copywriting apprentice to work for.

* And mucho more…

Giddy-up on over here to download it:


Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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